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Carmen and Ingo Photography

Carmen and Ingo Photography


    • RegionBasel Land, Basel Stadt, Zürich Baden-Württemberg, Bayern Wien
    • Tätigkeitsgebiet Ganze Schweiz, Deutschland, Österreich
    • Geografische Ausrichtung International

We, Carmen and Ingo Leitner, are Munich based wedding and lifestyle photographers and we are a couple since 2003. Ever since then we are sharing our passion for photography and have been pleased with the loveliest and sweetest clients in the world. One of the best things about our job is, that we are able to share the most beautiful days in our clients lives and we can capture their one-time moments for them forever.Another thing we totally love is travelling. Specially India! We have visited the country several times and we completely felt in love with the people as well as the delicious food. No wonder, that if we go out for dinner together, it's mostly an Indian restaurant and we always want to order something different but we end up eating both our favorite meal number 38 (which is almost everywhere Karahi Murgh). Kinda boring right, but definitely always a pleasure :-) Another good part about these two passions is that they can easily be combined. So whenever we travel around the world we take pictures of people, and whenever we are invited to make pictures of people at their wedding, we travel.We really love it, being at new places around the world to explore all the new things we never saw before. During our travels we like to drift away and enjoy the adventure of the daily surprises. We search the individual ways, and try to take things how they are coming. And sometimes things fail, but for sure, another wonderful situation happens instead. Plans change always, thats why we try to travel without them ;-). Sand between our toes and warm summer evenings let our hearts leap for joy, family and friends around us let us smile. Carmen never say no to hot chocolate cakes (especially if there is still liquid chocolate in the middle) combined with vanilla ice and all the food from her beloved mum. If you offer her some candies, you end up with the yellow and orange one because Carmen grabs always the red ones. Furthermore she likes old vintage clothes and things...that means she can look for these things (and not just for these ones) for hours and hours (much to Ingos regret ;-) Ingo is a wheat beer lover...if he finds a "Franziskaner" sign somewhere...he is definitely in! And he LIKES Twitter, Facebook etc. Even at the most remote place of the world he would find a way to be online ;-)He is definitely a geek (or how Carmen says: a freak ;-) and he just loves all technical things. We love life, people and mostly we love each other and we are working hard to keep this feelings and emotions transported in our pictures and projects. It is part of our philosophy not just to be a position in our client's budget rather we are interested in a longtime relationship and friendship with them. You are very welcome to contact us anytime and we will be happy to meeting you soon for a coffee, chai or some Indian Food ;-) Love Carmen and Ingo

Spezialisierung Fotografie und Multimedia Hochzeitsfotografie